Travel! One word that’s been buzzing around, perhaps from couple of decades when the continents started well-connecting, countries to easily fly and cities by decent roads. #travel then become a trend either in full time workers or students out of college. Do you know that there are around 21.47 million overnight visitors at Bangkok, Thailand in 2016, thus the record with highest number of visitors in a city. And 39.6 million people visited LAS Vegas Strip, USA making it one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world in 2016. That’s about the population of Canada.

So this will be that travel space #iSANs style with stories or places you might love to know about those, I travel as part of my missions, yes I said Missions 😀

Why??                                                                                                                                                                                  Can’t miss a chance to meet amazing people around the world and appreciate lovely landscapes in the little time we have here around. Love for Travel. Travelove.

 Where??                                                                                                                                                                              Amalapuram to Amsterdam. Yes! Next trip can be to the China Town in New York or Via del Corso in Rome. Every street has its own style, every city has its own charm. (Rhyme is a chime, isn’t it? :D). Life of Travel. Travelife.

How??                                                                                                                                                                                  Taking little breaks from work as and when needed to bring back the fresh thoughts and pleasant memories. Falling for three day trips lately to show the beauty of my side of world to the rest of the world by this log. Travelog.

Lets go. Here are the trending stories:



How about a Road Trip with valleys, waterfalls, animals(yeah mostly monkeys), best food all in a day around Hyderabad, India?









Do you know a temple that has lived over a millennium? If not, you are click away.






Cancun is one of the hot destinations for Solo travelers known for its beaches, clubs and tequila. All you need for your trip is right here.




Look no more for the complete itinerary of most famous and foremost trip in India.



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There is more. Why not when Traveland(Is there a word that doesn’t go along with travel, I wonder) is so big and never-ending, right?

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Whats next big thing we always search in a new place? FOOD… Gotcha..Covered.

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